10 Monday Reads

My morning reads to start your week:

• Retirement Investing vs. ‘Performance Delusion‘ (Forbes)
• Mutual fund investors are often their own worst enemies, prone to poor timing (StarTribune) see also Fund Fees: Slash Them Early (MarketRiders)
• Protecting Power Grids from Hackers Is a Huge Challenge (MIT Technology Review)
• Your Brain Is Hooked on Being Right (Harvard Business Review)
• Berkshire Profit Advances 49% on Buffett’s Derivatives (Businessweek) but see Buffett underperformed the S&P last year (Fortune)
• Sci-fail: Genius Obama says he ‘can’t do a Jedi mind meld’ (Twitchy)
• A Sneaky Way to Deregulate (NYT) see also Promises, Promises at the New York Fed (NYT)
• This Story Stinks: A word about comments (NYT)
• This is why Obama can’t make a deal with Republicans (Wonkblog) see also Four reasons Republicans are embracing the ‘sequester’ (Christian Science Monitor)
• A Few Things You May Not Know About Seth MacFarlane (Neatorama)

What are you reading?


Government Payrolls Shrinking Even Before the Sequester

Source: Real Time Economics

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