10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• 10 Influential Blogs for Financial Advisors (Financial Planning)
The Best Stock-Picker I Ever Knew (Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up)
• Is market timing dead? (MarketWatch)
• Home Value at Highest Level Since ’07 (Bloomberg)
Deal with failed banks the Dutch way: rely on the ECB, deposit insurance, and the public’s faith in the government (FT Alphaville) see also Bunds Show True Cypriot Backlash as Italy Insulated (Bloomberg)
• Top 10 economic policy mistakes (MarketWatch)
Dylan Ratigan Unplugged: Ex-MSNBC Host Turns Hydroponic Entrepreneur (The Daily Beast)
• Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals (Gallup)
• Women Make Better Decisions Than Men, Study Suggests (Science Daily)
• So long, break-even (ASYMCO) see also Visceral Apps and You (Mysterious Trousers)

What are you reading?


US Treasury Tax Receipts

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