10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Gold Bumps Against Resistance at $1,600 (MarketBeat)
• A Short History of Austerity: It Almost Never Works (The Guardian)
• Yes, Virginia, HFT and Liquidity are Not All They Are Cracked Up to Be (naked capitalism)
• US investors warn on bank settlement (FT.com)
• Wealth, Spending and the Economy (Economix) see also Research ties economic inequality to gap in life expectancy (Washington Post)
• Japan’s Cut for Solar Power Price Retains Boom Incentive (Bloomberg)
• Facebook reveals secrets you haven’t shared (FT.com)
• Eying Apple (The New Yorker)
• Paul Ryan’s make-believe budget (The Washington Post) see also Paul Ryan pretends he didn’t lose (TMB)
• Chief of US Pacific forces calls climate biggest worry (The Boston Globe)

What are you reading?


The rich pay majority of U.S. income taxes

Source: CNNMoney

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