10 Friday AM Reads

My heavy-on-WSJ (for reasons unknown) Friday morning readings:

• Big Round Numbers In Sight for Stocks (WSJ) but see Trading Volumes Fall for Big Firms (WSJ)
• Did Intrade Close Because of Embezzlement? (Rajiv Sethi)
• Dissecting the Variety of Price-Earnings Ratios (Charles Schwab) see also Making Adjustments (ie What if 2008 Never Happened?) (Mebane Faber Research)
• Brain Drain: 120,000 Professionals Leave Greece Amid Crisis (Siegel)
• Microsoft Can’t Keep Up in a Mobile World (WSJ)
• What currency will challenge the dollar? (MarketWatchsee also Krugman: Goldbuggery and the Lust for Gold (NYT
• Will Baby Boomers Drag Down Growth? (WSJ)
• 48% of U.S. teens own an iPhone. 62% plan to buy one. (Fortune) see also T-Mobile Debuts $99 iPhone Today in Bid to Stem Customer Exodus (Bloomberg)
• Who Killed The Deep Space Climate Observatory? (Popsci)
• Elizabeth Warren: Banks Determined Number of Victims of Their Own Foreclosure Frauds (Wall Street on Parade) see also Has financialization gone too far? (New Republic)

What are you reading?


Two Firms Amass Much of World’s Copper Supply

Source: WSJ

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