10 Mid-Week AM Reads

My morning reads:

• A Smart Way To Look At A “Dumb” Investing Strategy (The Capital Spectator)
• Goldman: Short gold (FT Alphaville) see also Japanese Rush to Sell Gold as Price in Yen Jumps (WSJ)
• J.C. Penney Shows How the Market Overvalues the C.E.O. (DealBook)
This is how disgraced bankers ought to behave: Former Bank Chief Seeks to Give Up Knighthood, Pension (WSJ)
• Bernanke Says Interest on Reserves Would Be Main Tightening Tool (Bloomberg)
Matthew Yglesias: Scrap the Corporate Income Tax (Slate)
This is not a good sign: Introducing the 97-Month Car Loan (WSJ)
• Facebook Grabs for Your Phone. What Gives? (NYT)
• Authors Guild’s Scott Turow: Hey you kids, get off my lawn! A clueless old man discusses how  Copyright, Google, Ebooks, Libraries & Amazon Are All Destroying Authors (techdirt)
• The Internet’s Most Niche Website Is Also One of Its Most Brilliant (New Republic)

What are you reading?


Dow Hits Record Amid ‘Absence of Attractive Alternatives’ to Equities  

Source: WSJ

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