10 Monday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• S&P 500 Rally Shows Analysts Slow or Investors Sanguine (Bloomberg)
• Does Blame Predict Performance? (research associates) see also Only 24% of Active Mutual Fund Managers Outperform the Market Index (nerd wallet)
• How to Save More For Retirement Without Really Trying (WSJ)
• Business Outsider Can a disgraced Wall Street analyst earn trust as a journalist? (New Yorker)
• Zombie foreclosures: 300,000 ‘undead’ properties stalk ex-owners (Christian Science Monitor)
• Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share (Wired)
• 21 graphs that show America’s health-care prices are ludicrous (Wonkblog) see also U.S. Health Care Prices Are the Elephant in the Room (Economix)
• When Google lost its cool (Salon)
• Buzzkill? How Climate Change Could Eventually End Coffee (U.S. News) see also Climate Change Rewrites World Wine List (Discovery)
• Great new weather app: Forecast (Forecast)

What are you reading?


Mom and Pop Run With the Bulls

Source: WSJ

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