10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Tech Stocks Are Cheapest in Seven Years (Bloomberg) see also Placing The Current Rally In Perspective (The Fast Pitch)
• What If We Never Run Out of Oil? (Atlantic)
• Market’s $20 Trillion Yielding 1% Shows Austerity Mistaken (Bloomberg) vs Starving the Beast (Economix)
• Legal marijuana’s all-cash business and secret banking (CNNMoney)
• Justice O’Connor: Maybe Bush V. Gore Was A Mistake (Talking Points Memo)
• The grad student who exposed Reinhart and Rogoff: They still can’t get their facts straight (Quartz) see also The mysterious powers of Microsoft Excel (BBC)
• Why Publishers Love Twitter & Not Facebook (priceonomics)
• Why Polluters Should Pay You To Fix Climate Change (Fast Company)
• Joe Manchin is not done with gun control. Does it matter? (Washington Post) see also What if the Tsarnaevs have been the “Boston Shooters”? (The New Yorker)
• 66 Behind the Scenes Pics from The Empire Strikes Back (imgur)

What are you reading?


Its 2013 — and there is STILL no MS Office for iPad or Android! What its MSFT waiting for?
Source: WSJ

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