Friday Night Jazz R&B: Miguel Adorn

Take 3 parts Prince, 1 part In Living Color, add a dash of James Brown — and what you get is Miguel.

He may be that rare young artist who comes along once a decade with chops, vision, and creative conviction that gives you a glimpse of his entire career over 40 years as soon as you hear him sing.

For me, that moment was his live version of Adorn on SNL last week.

Miguel crushed it the way very few 25 year old artists ever do.

I loved the spare arrangement of Adorn. The lyrics have a joyous sultriness that just exploded off the screen. Drip his “raw honey falsetto” on top of those lyrics, painting aural portraits of loves, losses, heartbreaks and sexual fantasies. There is a dynamic tension in the song as it builds and fights tyo hold itself back before the song’s climax.

I have yet to hear all of Kaleidoscope Dream, but on the strength of this song, (plus Sure Thing and Do You), it looks to be worth a throw. I am unfamiliar with  All I Want Is You, and I am curious if any readers know it.

I don ‘t know what it is with this song, but the whole thing just comes together so well:


Live on SNL, April 13, 2013

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