10 Mid-Week AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Measuring the Benefits of Technology in the Economy (NYT)
• Go figure: Abenomics works: Japan household spending surges as “Abenomics” gains momentum (Reuters)
• Inflation & the Fed (Dr.Ed’s Blog) see also Looking for Inflation? It Vanished (WSJ)
• Equities Rally But So Do Bonds – What Gives? (Market Montage)
• Peak Oil Still Isn’t Real, You Guys (The Daily Beast)
• Generation jobless (Economist) see also Eurozone unemployment at record high as inflation drops (BBC)
• Gold as collateral, not stock (FT Alphaville)
• Wall Street Eats Up Two-Thirds of Your 401(k) With Fees and Formed a Coalition to Block Full Disclosure of That Fact (Wall Street on Parade)
• High-Speed Traders Exploit Loophole (WSJ) see also How Wall Street Defanged Dodd-Frank (The Nation)
• How Immigration Reform and Demographics Could Change Presidential Math (Five Thirty Eight)

What are you reading?

Real Culprit Behind Smaller Workforce: Age
Source: WSJ

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