10 Thursday PM Reads

My thunderstorm afternoon train reading:

• The Uncertainty of Risk (n+1) see also Adaptation (The Reformed Broker)
Jonathan Miller: Home Supply Limited by Americans Lacking Equity to Sell (Bloomberg)
• Greenspan’s Market Persists (Alhambra Investment Partners) and How Much of a Dove Is Bernanke, Really? (Businessweek)
• Oil Manipulation Inquiry Shows EU’s Hammer After Libor (Bloomberg)
• The Mirage that is Financial Literacy (money&markets)
• How Nations Tried to Keep Striving Migrants In (Echoes)
Nocera: Tim Cook’s reality distortion field (NYT) see also Tim Cook’s improbable victory in D.C. (Reuters)
• Is This Big Tea Party Group Really an Innocent Victim of the IRS? (MoJo)
• X-BOX: Steve Jobs’ Dream Device Has Arrived (Slate)
• 10 Novels That Are More Action-Packed Than Most Summer Movies (io9)

Whatcha reading?


America’s Corporation-Tax Receipts Falter Even as Company Profits Soar
Source: Economist

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