Delightful Customer Service: Maui Jim

MJI waste a lot of time energy kvetching about bad bankers, dumb companies, rude people, foolish airlines, and most especially — terrible customer service.

For a change, let me praise a company who does something right: Maui Jim.

I have had several opportunities to test their customer service, and they have gone over and above the call of duty. I have been delighted with their service.

The first experience I had with them was when our Labradoodle puppy somehow got a hold of my Titanium frame Ka’anapali Sunglasses — he chewed up the lenses (but did not break them). The glasses were unusable. Maui Jim allows repairs at a fraction of the replacement cost, so I sent them in with a check. When they returned, replacement lens installed, good as new, included in the package was a note — and a Milkbone dog treat — along with the winking suggestion that the Milkbone might prevent future eyewear mishaps. Smart.

That was over 4 years ago. Somehow, I keep find myself buying more Maui Jim products.

516-03_1Just last week, I put down my current favorite sunglasses — a pair of blue Honolua Bay shades — on my night table oin order to close an open bedroom window. The wind was picking up, billowing the sheer curtains. After I finished cranking the window closed, I turned to walk out of the room and — CRRUNNNCCHH — the curtains must have knocked the glasses to the carpet, and unknowingly, I stepped full on them, shattering both lenses into many pieces.

I had only mailed them back to the repair department a week ago today (Saturday), so you can imagine my surprise getting this email yesterday:


Your repair is complete and has been shipped.  Your package should arrive in 7 business days or less.

Thank You!

Customer Care Department

Now that’s how you do customer service!

If only more companies who interact with the public and consumers handled their customers that way.

From a a business perspective, what they are doing worked on me — I am a customer for life.

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