10 Friday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• Feeding the Fee Machine (Institutional Investor)
• This market correction will pass (Calafia Beach Pundit) but see Specter of Another Bond Crash Spooks Asia (Bloomberg)
• The Real Problem: Em Decoupling?  (The Reformed Broker)
• Higher Dividend Stocks Still Seem Rather Pricey (Learn Bonds)
• How Many Jobs to Bring Down Unemployment? (Real Time Economics) see also Why the right is wrong about jobs (MarketWatch)
The scarcity/PR problem of ticket scalping: How Much Is Michael Bolton Worth to You? (NYT Mag)
• Aging Nations Like Low Prices Over High Income (Bloomberg)
• Three-part series on the future of TV
-Part 1: The Cord-Cutting Fantasy. Getting only the content you want without paying for everything is a fantasy. Pay TV is socialism that works.
-Part 2: Why TV has resisted disruption. Great content is differentiated, has high barriers to entry, and depends on networks.
-Part 3: The Jobs TV Does. The key question is attention, not set top boxes. What jobs do we hire TV to do?
• NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily (theguardian)
• The Stocktwits Network Helps Solve the Puzzle (The Thoughtful Bull) see also Estimize offers new approach to consensus estimates (Inside Investor Relations)

What are you reading?


Financial Sector: Bigger and More Profitable Than Ever
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