10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning reads:

Quarter-End: Who What When Where Why How (Scott Skyrm)
• Central Banks: Powerful or Powerless? Make Up Your Mind. (Fatas and Mihov) see also Risk of 1937 relapse as Fed gives up fight against deflation (Telegraph)
• The Japanese public’s ingrained distrust of investor capitalism (Observing Japan)
• Ratings Ratio Worst Since 2009 as Profits Slow (Bloomberg)
• CEO Pay in 2012 Was Extraordinarily High Relative to Typical Workers and Other High Earners (Economic Policy Institute) see also Labor’s Declining Share Is an International Problem (Economix)
• The IRS scandal unwinds (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Commodities traders call end of ‘supercycle’ (FT.com) see also Gold Climbs in New York Trading as Investors Await U.S. Reports (Bloomberg)
• Rates and the US housing market (FT Alphaville)
• What an iPod tells us about the competitiveness revolution (World Economic Forum) see also iOS 7: Catch me if you can (Allen Pike)
• Edward Snowden and the Privatization of National Security (Yahoo Finance)

What are you reading?


Crude Oil and Gasoline Inventories Both Rise More Than Expected
Source: Bespoke

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