Blog Finance: Advertising, Sponsorship, Advertorial, Subscription?

In light of that incidence last week with those terrible pop up ads, I have a question for the assembled multitudes:

Running the blog at this point requires a decent amount of expenditures. Hosting, editorial assistance, research all costs some shekels, and that cost is covered with the current advertisers.

I keep getting pitched on “Advertorials” but I have precisely zero interest in that. And I have done the Subscription thingie, and it holds little appeal to me.

That pretty much leaves Advertising or Sponsorship.

If we stay with the advertising, it would mostly continue to be the current rotating list of finance related and luxury brands you see. I think I want to kill the Google Adsense. (I thought I killed those terrible text ads, but they keep returning like Herpes).

The sponsorship route is less noisy, but it means the site is pretty much “The Big Picture Sponsored by Ferrari NA“, or more likely, some finance related entity like Blackrock or Vanguard. Perhaps a less intrusive combination of sponsorship and advertising is possible.

Any thoughts, feedback, ideas?

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