10 Weekend Reads

Some longer form reading for your weekend pleasure:

• Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales Is Not an Internet Billionaire (NYT)
• Enlightenment Engineer (Wired)
• How Woody Allen Sees It (WSJ)
• How low can gold go? (FT Alphaville) see also Don’t Cry For The Gold Bugs: When Gold’s A Good Investment, The Economy Sags (Forbes)
• Hey, MSM: All Journalism is Advocacy Journalism (Taibblog)
• Does life have a purpose? (aeon) see also I Think I Am, I Think I Am: Why Descartes still matters (Slate)
• Did NSA Take a Page From Domesday Book on Data Hoarding? (Echoes) see also The case for a secrecy beat (Columbia Journalism Review)
• What is Science and Why Should We Care? (Logos)
• New York’s Benjamin Lawsky Collects Scalps, Showing Regulators Can *Gasp* Regulate (naked capitalism)
• Futuo! How the Romans Swore (Atlantic)

Whats are you doing this weekend?


Wall St boom, Main St bust
Source: FT Alphaville

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