10 Thursday AM Reads

An especially sharp set of morning reads today:

• Is Gundlach Right, Have Bonds Bottomed? (Mebane Faber)
• Hilsenrath: What Bernanke Means (Real Time Economics)
• In Case You Don’t Appreciate How Fast The ‘Windows Monopoly’ Is Getting Destroyed… (Business Insider)
• Josh’s notes from the Delivering Alpha 2013 conference Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
• Sell signal from key market indicator (MarketWatch)
• Distinguishing Alpha from Noise (Aleph Blog) see also Why Paulson’s talking (Reuters)
• Judge Doesn’t Believe S&P Claim “No One Believed Our Ratings” (Dealbreaker)
Krugman: Greenspan is an idiot (The Conscience of a Liberal)
• Why anecdotal evidence prevents Farmers from believing in Climate Change (Slate) see also Why We Don’t Believe In Science (The New Yorker)
• Give Me Back My iPhone! (Slate) see also Pushing the Right Buttons (NYT)
• A tumblr dedicated to pointing out how Netflix ruins movies (What Netflix Does)

What are you reading?


US and European Auto Sales are Oceans Apart
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