10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning reads:

• How to Trick Your Brain Into Banishing Bad Money Habits (Lifehacker)
• Why Are Google Employees So Disloyal? (Ticker)
• It’s Still Henry Ford’s World (Bloomberg)
• Why are some pundits and economists still enamored of austerity? (Los Angeles Review of Books)
• How much capital should banks have? (Vox)
• China Is Set to Suffer the Skyscraper Curse (Bloomberg) see also China eyes fresh stimulus as economy stalls (Telegraph)
• Fear of a Female Fed Chief? (Daily Intelligencer)
• 15 Charts That Should Terrify Saudi Arabia (Business Insider)
• The Startup Crowd Is Becoming an Actual Cult (Valley Wag)
• Peter Schiff Gets Owned On Kudlow on Inflation (Business Insider)

What are you reading?


Want to Know How Abysmal Larry Summers Would be as Fed Chair?
Source: IKN

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