Discuss: “Manufactured” Crises

About some of these “scandals” that have been in the news:

“And they would have gotten away with it, too, had their narrative had the benefit of being true. But now, almost two months later, we know that in fact the IRS targeted lots of different kinds of groups, not just conservative ones; that the only organizations whose tax-exempt statuses were actually denied were progressive ones; that many of the targeted conservative groups legitimately crossed the line; that the IG’s report was limited to only Tea Party groups at congressional Republicans’ request; and that the White House was in no way involved in the targeting and didn’t even know about it until shortly before the public did.” -Salon

As long as our political debate is dominated by misinformation and a scandal-driven circus oriented media (not just Fox, but the entire clown show) do not expect honest debate or good governance. The system is now capable only of self-flagellation, and not actual governance.

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