10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Dow Theory ‘Buy’ Signal Still in Play, But on Watch (MoneyBeat)
• Gold Rises for Sixth Time in Seven Days as Dollar Falls (Bloomberg)
• Four Factors the Fed Faces on Bond-Buying Exit (WSJ) see also For the Fed, Europe Represents the Road Not Taken (MoneyBeat)
• Whose side is your financial adviser on, anyway? (theguardian)
• Never Give Stores Your ZIP Code. Here’s Why (Forbes)
• Who’s dependent on food stamps? Cheapskate corporations (msnbc)
• More Proof The Big Six Of Publishing Are Run By Morons (Mike Cane’s xBlog)
• Why Are Hollywood Movies So Long? (priceonomics)
• Microsoft’s Surveillance Collaboration: Voluntary Aid, or New Legal Tactic? (MIT Technology Review)
• Iceberg: Antarctica loses Chicago-sized chunk of ice (Christian Science Monitor)

What are you reading?



The Dollar: A Love Story
Source: MoneyBeat

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