10 Friday (Kinda Mid-day) Reads

Well, I apparently don’t optimize the database enough, which sounds naughty (but isn’t) and hence the site issues this morning. Here are my belated morning reads just in time for the afternoon:

• Godfather of Charts Turns Bearish; Targets Dow 12,000 (Moneybeat) see also Why short sellers love China’s tall buildings (MarketWatch)
Bogle: A Legend Still Pines for the Good Fight (Morningstar)
• The Swedish model for economic recovery (Washington Post) see also The Unsaved World (NYT)
• Fraud, failure and bankruptcy pay well for CEOs (MarketWatch)
• Detroit’s Woes Add to Angst Over Municipal Debt (WSJ) see also FINRA tackles private securities as investors seek yield (Reuters)
• Why don’t Americans ride trains? (Economist)
• Mercedes Stop-and-Go Autopilot Heralds Hands-Free Push (Bloomberg) but see Hyundai’s $48,000 Genesis Beats Luxury Car Competitors (Bloomberg)
• The Most Surprising Things About America, According To An Indian International Student (Business Insider)
• 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get (Forbes)
• On The Clash’s London Calling: The Sound of Going to Pieces (WSJ)

What are you reading?


Who’s Your Favorite College Football Team?
Source: WSJ

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