10 Monday AM Reads

Good Monday morning! Good to be back in the sadlle — here is what I am reading:

• Fed buys itself some time in push to wind down stimulus (Reuters) see also Ben Bernanke: Man of Mystery (Moneybeat)
• On the Inverse Correlation between Expected Risk and Return (Falkenblog)
• Why Are America’s Great Value Managers Hoarding Cash? (The Reformed Broker) see also Cash Is Trash? Not To These Value Fund Managers (Bloomberg)
• An Extra Data Point on ETFs* (WSJ)
• Budget Bedlam This Fall (Capital Gains and Games)
• Toyota $37 Billion Cash Program Shows Effect of Abenomics (Bloomberg) see also US should support a trade deal with Japan (FT.com)
• The Pay is too Damn Low (The New Yorker)
• G.O.P. Governors Warn Party Members in Congress Not to Shut Government (NYT)
• Veto of Apple Ruling Likely to Upend Big Patent Battles (WSJ)
• How low-paid workers at ‘click farms’ create appearance of online popularity (theguardian)

What are you reading?

Get Ready for the Next Round of Bond Pain

Source: WSJ

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