10 Sunday Reads

Our yourself a cup of Joe and enjoy these Sunday morning reads:

• Bond Funds Outflows Shouldn’t Panic Investors (WSJ)
• Warren Buffett, age 44, explains the futility of playing the market (Quartz)
Shiller: Why Innovation Is Still Capitalism’s Star (NYT)
• California’s $43 Billion Farms See Labor in Immigrant Fix (Bloomberg) see also With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring? (Bloomberg)
• Three Nails in the Coffin of Peak Oil (Oil Drum)
• 1-in-5 Electronics Sales Are Online (Real Time Economics)
• Rand Paul is dead wrong. Milton Friedman would have supported the Fed’s bond buying (AEI Ideas) see also As damaging sequester continues, Congress goes on 5-week vacation (Los Angeles Times)
•  Facebook is bad for you: Using the social network seems to make people more miserable (Economist)
• Food Truck Economics (priceonomics)
• NSFW:  Lake Bell On In a World… and Tattoos (Vulture)

Whats for Brunch?


Why It Might Be Cheaper to Get a Jumbo Mortgage
Source: WSJ

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