10 Mid-Week AM Reads

My morning reading:

Doug Kass:”the Market Has Peaked for 2013″ (The Street.com)
• SPACS SUCK, FILM AT 11: Thriving Financial Product, Despite a Record of Failure (Dealbook)
• BlackBerry – and Nokia’s – Fundamental Failing (stratēchery ) see also HOW BLACKBERRY FELL (Elements)
• Next Fed Head Should Meet the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren Standard (The Nation)
Felix: “Summers has demonstrated essentially zero crisis-prevention skills” Obama’s dangerously heroic view of the Fed (Reuters) see also Senate Pressure on Fed Pick Irks White House (WSJ)
• The problem with algorithms: magnifying misbehaviour (theguardian)
• Journalism Has Entered A Golden Age (Business Insider)
• Social Security is a model, not a failure, for Washington budgetmaking (Christian Science Monitor)
• Defending iOS with cheap iPhones (Benedict Evans) see also The Case for a New Lower-Cost iPhone (Daring Fireball)
• 40 maps that explain the world (World Views)

What are your reading?


After Losing Season, Records May Be Safe
Source: WSJ

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