10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• What is your edge as an investor? (Forbes)
• Money, Happiness and the New Science of Smarter Spending (New Republic)
• The Great American Do-It-Yourself Retirement Fraud, Brought to You By Big Finance & Co. (Helaine Olen)
• Hedge fund manager Paul Singer hates benchmarking (Hedge Fund Intelligence)
• Here’s what Amazon lobbies for in D.C. (Wonkblog)  Amazon Founder Says He Clicked on Washington Post by Mistake (Borowitz)
• FBI Finds Holes in System Protecting Economic Data  (WSJ)
• The Sacrosanct Mortgage Interest Deduction (Economix) see also Stuff you shouldn’t do to your house (Sacramento Appraisal Blog)
• A lot of unions are going to end up hating Obamacare (Washington Post)
• Why AngelList will become the Android of venture capital (VentureBeat)
• John Fugelsang lists George W. Bush’s good deeds — eventually (Current)

What are you reading?


Private-Equity Payout Debt Surges
Source: WSJ

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