10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• A Field Guide to Stock Market Corrections (The Reformed Broker)
Emerging Markets: A Contrarian Special? (Businessweek) but see Investors in emerging markets would like their money back now thanks (Quartz)
• Leveraged ETFs, the Flash Crash, and 1987 (Moneybeat)
• The Great Rotation: Asset Shortages and the Aggregate U.S. Asset Portfolio (Philosophical Economics) see also What Great Rotation? (MarketWatch)
• Rate Surge With Rising U.S. Confidence a Positive Sign (Bloomberg)
• Why the White House is uneasy with picking Janet Yellen as Fed chair (Wonkblog) see also Fed provokes run for the hills … in China and India (CNNMoney)
• The Get Rich Quick Internet Scheme That Works (priceonomics)
• Rats at Bank of America (MarketWatch) see also The Real Risk at JPMorgan Isn’t Its Legal Mess (Fiscal Times)
• How big is Wikipedia, anyway? (Gigaom)
• NJ Gov Christie Says Gayness Inborn as He Signs Therapy Measure (Bloomberg) see also Gay Marriage Shows States Luring Discriminated Couples (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


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