10 Weekend Reads

My longer form, weekend reading:

Chasing Coincidences: Why it’s hard to recognize the statistically unlikely. (nautilus)
• A new approach to deposit insurance (Coppola Comment)
• How to Convince Investors: An essays on fundraising (Paul Graham)
• Goodbye, Miami: S. Florida will soon be under water (Rolling Stone)
• How America’s ‘Culture of Hustling’ Is Dark and Empty (Atlantic)
• Merchants of Meth: How Big Pharma Keeps the Cooks in Business (MoJo)
• The death of theory? (Noahpinion)
• World’s Most Influential Thinkers Revealed (Technology Review) see also Coolhunting for the World’s Thought Leaders (arXiv.org)
• The Art of the Phony: Forgery & Modern Art (New York Review of Books)
• How Athletes Get Great (Outside) see also What happens when four guys try to cross the Atlantic…in a rowboat (SportsNet)

Whats up for the weekend?


S&P 500 Back Down to Its 50-DMA
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