10 Tuesday AM Reads

My belated mid-morning reading:

• How to Play the September Effect (WSJ)
• Forget gold. Classic cars are the new hot investment. (Wonkblog) see also Ferraris, Bentleys soar in value as gold price sinks (Reuters)
• Why Have Markets Learned Nothing in the Last 50 Years? (Bloomberg View)
• 5 similarities between real estate and investing (Financial Post)
• Low pay and the rise of the machines (Tim Harford) see also Why Labor’s Share of Income Is Falling (Economix)
• The Economy and the Stock Market Aren’t the Same (Crossing Wall Street)
• Life on Wall Street Grows Less Risky (WSJ)
• These Three Democrats Could Torpedo Larry Summers’s Nomination (New Republic)
• Thinking About iPhone Pricing (stratēchery)
• How Green Is a Tesla, Really? (Slate)

What are you reading?


Nasdaq 100 Breaks Out
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