10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning reading:

• How Fast Should You Trade Your 401(k)?  (WSJ)
• On Alternative Investments (Aleph Blog)
• Why Keynes wouldn’t have too rosy a view of our economic future (Wonkblog)
Stiglitz: Why Janet Yellen, Not Larry Summers, Should Lead the Fed (NYT) see also The Deregulators, Smarts and Judgment (Calculated Risk)
• Henry Paulson Defends Fannie Mae Bailout (Real Time Economics)
• Libertarians Are the New Communists (Bloomberg)
• Study proves that politics and math are incompatible (Salon)
• The New Science of Mind (NYT)
In Conversation: Michael Bloomberg (New York Mag)
• Walking shark moves with ping-pong paddle fins (New Scientist)

What are you reading?


Dollar Tumbles as Uncertainty on Fed Rises
Source: WSJ

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