Survey: Americans Realize Big Banks Got the Spoils

Nearly seven-in-ten Americans say large banks and financial institutions have benefited the most from post-recession government policies (apparently, three-in-ten Americans don’t have a clue).

Pew reports that sizable majorities say the beneficiaries of government policies are large banks and financial institutions, large corporations and wealthy people. The beneficiaries according to the public:  69% say large banks and financial institutions gained the most; 67% noted large corporations, and 59% said wealthy people.



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and this:

Source: PEW

People have finally come around to realizing what happened and who made out like bandits. I guess better late than never.



Majority of Americans say banks, large corporations benefitted most from U.S. economic policies
By Bruce Drake
Pew Research September 20, 2013

Five Years after Market Crash, U.S. Economy Seen as ‘No More Secure’
PEW September 12, 2013,

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