10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• The Loss of U.S. Pre-eminence (Economix) see also Don’t Push it Congress; World’s Faith in Dollar Not Guaranteed (Moneybeat)
• Dividends Rose 14.64% in Q3 (Crossing Wall Street)
• Who Moved My Economic Data? (Capital Spectator) see also  With No Jobs Report, What’s an Economist to Do? (Associated Press)
• Bond investors refuse to panic despite default fears (The Buzz)
• Headturning headline: Republicans Are No Longer the Party of Business (Businessweek) but see Boehner Tells Republicans He Won’t Let the Nation Default (NYT)
• Wall Street Banks, No Longer Invincible, Contemplate Their Death (Moneybeat)
• Tea party lawmakers see the culmination of years of effort in shutdown (Washington Post) see also How Less Than 5% Of The US Population Caused The Government To Shut Down (Business Insider)
• These Journalists Spent Two Years and $750,000 Covering One Story (Atlantic)
• The complete history of Twitter as told through tortured descriptions of it in the New York Times (Quartz)
• They’re (Almost) All Dirty: The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks (AnandTech)

What are you reading?

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