10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Special report: exchange-traded funds (Fidelity)
• Apple, Icahn and the Cash Pile: Manjoo vs. Berman (WSJ) see also Why Apple Wants to Bust Your iPhone (NYT Mag)
• Nobel Prize Winner Fama to CNBC’s Santelli: ‘There’s So Much Confusion In What You Said It’s Difficult To Answer’ (Business Insider)
• The Scientist Who Helped Save New York’s Subway from Sandy (Live Science) see also Hurricane Sandy Hasn’t Shifted Climate Narrative (Climate Central)
• Islamic Finance Can Save the World (Bloomberg)
• Leaked documents reveal the secret finances of a pro-industry science group (Mother Jones) see also This week’s other huge (but little-noticed) fight: Wall Street’s newest scheme (Salon)
• China’s Growth: Why Less is More (IMF)
A Judge Admits error: Mea culpa (Economist)
• Sitting on the Sidelines: Fear & Selective Memory (Investing Caffeine)
• 6 Things You Should Quit Doing To Be More Successful (Forbes)

What’s up with that?


Source: Climate Central


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