Apple’s Stock Price Post New Product Announcements

Daring Fireball points out that following most new Apple product introductions, the stock price tends to fall:

Here are the Steve Jobs product announcement stock action:

• 23 October 2001, introduction of original iPod: AAPL fell about 5 percent.
• 7 January 2002, Macworld Expo keynote: AAPL fell 4 percent.
• 7 January 2003, Macworld Expo keynote: AAPL fell slightly.
• 6 January 2004, Macworld Expo keynote, introduction of iPod Mini: AAPL fell slightly.
• 11 January 2005, Macworld Expo keynote: AAPL fell over 6 percent.
• 10 January 2006, Macworld Expo keynote: AAPL rose over 6 percent.
• 9 January 2007, Macworld Expo keynote, introduction of the iPhone, now seen as the biggest and most important product introduction in Apple, and perhaps industry, history: AAPL rose over 8 percent.
• 15 January 2008, Macworld Expo keynote, introduction of MacBook Air: AAPL fell over 5 percent.
• 9 June 2008, WWDC keynote, introduction of iPhone 3G: AAPL fell 2 percent
• 27 January 2010, introduction of original iPad: AAPL was up slightly on the day, but then dropped and kept dropping for days.
• 7 June 2010, introduction of iPhone 4 (last phone introduced by Jobs): AAPL fell slightly, then dropped 3 percent the next day.

Note that the 10 percent drop in Apple’s share price following the 5S/5C introduction would have been extreme in the Steve Jobs era. Today, its hard not a heads up comparison — the stock price has been more volatile, the shareholders even more short term oriented. (Not sure if the naysayers are any louder though).

As I wrote almost a decade ago in 2005, Wall Street still does not understand Apple: Analysts Still Underestimate Apple; Sell-siders simply don’t ‘get’ Steve Jobs’ company, based on Wall Street Remains Clueless as Ever as to Apple’s Products.

Funny how some things never change . . .


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