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Happy Veterans Day, and list of thanks from a grateful nation:

• Should you own gold? Plenty of financial advisers say no, but enthusiasts are undaunted. (WSJ) but see Gold Vault Opens in China as Bullion Goes From West to East (Bloomberg)
• Earnings, but without the bad stuff (NY Times)
• The WSJ is suddenly concerned about equities:
…..-Mom and pop are returning to stocks, and that might be a bad sign. (WSJ)
…..-A new breed of hedge fund hunts returns without betting on gloom. (WSJ)
…..-Flurry of Stock, Bond Issuance Is a Danger Sign for Markets (Moneybeat)
…..-A Few Good Reasons to Hoard Some Cash Now (WSJ)
but see this counter argument: Show me the Mania (Reformed Broker)
• Has the U.S. Economy Been Permanently Damaged? (New Yorker)
• Microsoft CEO Candidate Elop Said to Mull Windows Shift (Bloomberg)
• Obamacare by the numbers (Washington Post)
• New York’s mayor-elect: Possibly better not to screw it up? (Economist) see also Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren (New Republic)
• U.S. military wants to create ‘Iron Man suit’ (LA Times)
• Absurd Creature of the Week: The Half-Ton Giant Freshwater Stingray With a 15-Inch Poison Barb (Wired)

What are you reading?


Flurry of Stock, Bond Issuance Is a Danger Sign for Markets

Source: WSJ

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