10 Mid Week PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Citing Growth, Fed Again Cuts Monthly Bond Purchases (NY Times)
• The Saddest Super Bowl Ever (Reformed Broker) see also In Las Vegas, Putting a Lot on the Line for the Super Bowl (NY Times)
• Madoff IT Guys Wrote Code to Trick Auditors, Jury Told (Bloomberg)
Wolf:  The challenges of a post-crisis world (FT)
• “All You Need for a Financial Crisis are excess optimism and Citibank.” (Baseline Scenario)
• The Myth of the “Self Made Man” (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• Why Mr. Market Is Still Wrong About Apple (Felder Report) see also Why Nothing Apple Does Is Ever Good Enough (Wired)
• What makes us human? Unique brain area linked to higher cognitive powers (Health Canal)
• Support for raising minimum wage found in surprising places (CBS) see also Ten Ways to Get Serious About Rising Inequality (Rational Irrationality)
• The New York Filming Locations of The Godfather, Then and Now (Scouting NY)

Whats up with the damned railroad ?


Another Look at China’s GDP Numbers

Source: China Realtime


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