10 Thursday AM Reads

The reading for from my slow snow-delayed morning commute:

• Here’s The Truth About That 1929 Stock Market Crash Chart That Everyone Is Passing Around (Business Insider) see also Analyst Destroys The Stock Market Crash Chart That Wall Streeters Are Passing Around (Business Insider)
• Two Behaviors That Hurt Stock Investors (Rick Ferri)
• Beware of cashing out (Fidelity)
• Who anticipated the Great Depression? (Econbrowser) see also Who Anticipated the Great Depression? Gustav Cassel versus Keynes and Hayek on the Interwar Gold Standard (Wiley Online Library)
• The IPO bogeyman is dead (Fortune)
• Are Emerging Markets Cheap? (Morningstar)
• New Apple TV hardware references already appearing in iOS 7 builds (9to5 Mac) see also Apple Said to Plan TV Box Amid Time Warner Cable Talks (Bloomberg)
• The Facebook Effect on the News (The Atlantic)
• Westminster is a disaster for dogs — but it can be fixed (The Week)
• F1 pit stop ballet (Kottke)

What are you reading?


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