10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading:

• Lehman Brothers Maybe Sold Warren Buffett a Rainbow (Bloomberg)
• Weather it’s worth worrying about, who knows (FT Alphaville)
• If History Is Our Guide, the S&P Will Hit Highs Again in Two Months (Minyanville)
• Microsoft’s New CEO (Marco) see also Bill Gates’ Steve Jobs Moment (stratēchery)
• Hedge Funds Preparing for $1 Trillion Property Bill: Mortgages (Bloomberg)
• The “Fat Pitch” Myth (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• Lured into “The Optimistic Unknown” (Reformed Broker)
• Yes, Obamacare will probably downsize the workforce. Economists explain why. (WonkBlog) but see The Media Is Blowing It on Obamacare and Jobs (Slate)
• 22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution (BuzzFeed)
• Judges Poised to Hand U.S. Spies the Keys to the Internet (Wired)

What are you people reading? I really want to know!


85 People in the World Are Worth More Than the Poorest 3.5 Billion

Source: WonkBlog


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