Attention All Astro-Traders & Financial Astrologers!

Secret to Wealth Found in Deep Space
Some people seem to think winning investment strategies can be divined from astrology or the cosmos.
Bloomberg, February 12, 2014




Attention All Astro-Traders & Financial Astrologers!

That was the subject line of an e-mail that hit my inbox yesterday. It was curious enough that, unlike most of the junk sent my way, I went to Google to see what and who it was all about.

The discussion was forwarded to me by a successful trader I know in the Seattle area, with the observation “It is amazing the lengths people will go to in seeking predictability” along with the tongue-in-cheek comment, “I always wanted to be an astro-trader!”

The e-mail was about a “long awaited” book — really a trading course — titled “Secrets of the Chronocraters,” by Dr. Alexander Goulden. The e-mail boldly claimed this work is the “DEEPEST & MOST ADVANCED work on Financial Astrology ever written!” Which to my skeptical mind, is like arguing which real housewife of New Jersey is the most probable winner of next year’s Nobel Prize in Physics.

Did I mention it is now on sale at the low, low price of $3,600? That seems like a perfectly fair price for “a concise, applied manual, which will predict market trends and turns like nothing else.”

The book comes from a website called “Sacred Science Institute“, which I have my suspicions is neither an institute nor related to science. (As to the sacredness, I have no opinion.) An apparently related site, the Institute of CosmoEconomics, seems to similarly not be an institute or be about economics — at least in the classical sense. One only hopes it is somehow tangentially related to the cosmos.

Searching the pages of the site, one finds fascinating information, if not the advertised “key to the financial markets.” As it turns out, the Dr. Goulden (what is that doctorate in, anyway?) had written an earlier book, titled “Behind The Veil.” A site called Trade2Win had an excerpt:

Consciousness enters the arenas of manifestation, down-stepping through the frequency spectra of a time matrix, in accordance with precise mathematical-geometrical templates. The accretion of (non-manifest) electromagnetic units of identity-awareness to form quarks, atoms and gross matter is ordered. So too are the processes by which the resultant spherical energy domains evolve through the spiralling cycles of time. Encoded and reproduced within each fractal iteration, each holographic tessera, are to be found the patterns and laws of the whole. Herein lies the key to the financial markets.

Long before our presently recorded history, our world bore host to civilizations who understood the science of manifestation templates, the scalar wave grids existing beyond the veil. For reasons far beyond the scope of this book, the depiction inherited by the Kabbalists does, in fact, mirror certain alignments within our reality field. But it is a distortion of the geometry of primordial consciousness.
A financial market is a spherical energy field of consciousness. Like all phenomena, its structure derives from the unseen manifestation templates. And the nodal transmission lines, the “distortive boundaries”, have a direct bearing upon price-time behaviour.

And so on. It seemingly melds some of the prior civilizations work of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and other science fiction, kabbalah and whatever makes up the financial astrology belief systems.

And therein lies the simultaneous blessing and curse of the financial industry: The potential rewards are so large and the avarice is so great, that no pitch is too ridiculous, no come-on too absurd, that the trading public won’t break out the credit card to buy a very expensive lottery ticket.

So long as some people indulge their lizard brains, and make investments based on biases and emotions, thriving in the markets will be much easier for the rest of us. You don’t even need to come from a civilization long before our presently recorded history.


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We are very happy to announce the release of Dr. Alexander Goulden’s long awaited course on FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY, Secrets of the Chronocrators.

This course is the DEEPEST & MOST ADVANCED work on Financial Astrology ever written! It distills the powerful, lost techniques of the Ancients into a concise, applied manual, which will predict market trends and turns like nothing else.

Yours for the low low price of just $3600!


PRICE $ 3,600.00


See below for full details, or click the following links to order or to read about it on the web:



The Most Important Work on
Financial Astrology Ever Written!






It is the stars,

The stars above us, govern our conditions…

William Shakespeare

order secrets of the chronocrators here


The intent of this course is to demonstrate the astrological principles which underpin the movement of financial markets. It offers a contemporary presentation (and the author’s refinement) of the superior astrological techniques derived by the Masters of Antiquity.  A core component of this advanced system is the science of the Chronocrators (Time Lords), without which forecasting becomes ineffective. Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source.

The course includes unique revisions of an ancient method by which to rectify a nativity.  It explains the astrological factors which regulate the timing of pivots and the direction of trend.  It also reveals certain astrological secrets which determine price. Most importantly, perhaps, it explains, by reference to the Chronocrators, how to isolate the astrological signals which are “live” at any given point, and which are therefore likely to have an effect upon a market.


Dr. Baumring, one of the foremost interpreters of Gann’s Law of Vibration said of the purely astrological approach to financial forecasting that it was so difficult to accomplish, that even for one who fully understood Gann’s Law of Vibration, mastering the astrological mechanics behind the movements in the markets would take another 5 years of dedicated research.  He explained that this was because the true system had been lost, and the modern proponents of astrology, even including the numerous authors on the Gann List, understood only bits and pieces of the full system, so that the task of pulling together a complete science from fragmented sources was all but impossible to accomplish by most people.

This is clearly evidenced in the history of works on financial astrology written over the past century, of which we publish the largest collection available anywhere.  There are many very good books in this collection, which will teach solid foundation principles and give an excellent introduction to the subject, but when it comes to producing consistently accurate forecasts, all of these various systems are hit and miss.  Often a particular approach will generate several excellent indications in a series, only to see the next iteration of the signal fail, usually just at the point where the trader has found the confidence to trade his forecasts. We know dozens of highly intelligent astrological researchers who are able to make some excellent calls, and particularly when combined with principles of technical analysis and risk management, are able to produce decent returns from their version of astro-trading, but few of them would say that they have developed the mastery that they are seeking. And so their pursuit for a yet deeper understanding continues.

Our top author and most penetrating scholar, Dr. Alexander Goulden, is the first person to have dedicated the full effort, research and computer analysis required to penetrate this subject to the level needed to uncover some of the remaining hidden secrets of the ancient prognostic science.  After many years of study, Dr. Goulden has now completed his long awaited sequel to Behind the Veil, a new course which may be the first in a series revealing his astrological discoveries.  There is no question that Dr. Goulden’s research has penetrated to a level beyond any prior work on financial astrology. Those with a serious interest in the deeper essence of astrological forecasting will find the insight and revelation in this work that they have been seeking, allowing them to forecast turning points and trends in the market with more accuracy than they could ever achieve before.


Dr. Alexander Goulden’s new course, Secrets of Chronocrators, is the result of many 1000’s of hours of exhaustive research across more than 2500 years of astrological tradition, in particular the complex, scientific systems of technical astrological forecasting practised by the great Masters of Antiquity.  With the aid of proprietary software developed to his own specifications, Dr. Goulden rigorously tested the ancient methods against the precise data of the stock market. And these tests revealed the need for certain refinements and modifications. His respect for the ancients is such that he does not presume his modifications were unknown to the greatest of their astrologers, but feels such information may have become lost or distorted over the millennia through scribal error, misinterpretation and/or the purposive destruction of manuscripts detailing the heights of past esoteric science. Whilst there are notable contemporary astrologers who preserve, teach and write about the ancient or traditional methods of astrology, very few (if any) have contributed improvements to these systems based on careful study and testing. The subtle refinements of ancient technique presented in this course do not appear in any other material, either ancient or modern.

Dr. Goulden’s research encompassed the following traditions and applications of planetary causation:  Vedic, Babylonian, Egyptian, Hellenistic, Tibetan, Chinese, Arabic, Mayan, Native American, Medieval, Renaissance, Western Sidereal, Astrometeorology, Astronumerology, Esoteric (Alice Bailey’s Rays material), the authors from WD Gann’s reading list, astrological magick and medicine, and included the study of unpublished library manuscripts and private translations of ancient tablets.

The legendary astrologers were invariably men of science – for the most part, mathematicians and astronomers. One may think of Ptolemy, Al-Biruni, Bonatti, Jean-Baptiste Morin, Placidus, Regiomontanus, Kepler, Lucas Gauricus, Valentine Naibod, etc. They were amongst the greatest thinkers of their day. As astrologers and advisers to Kings, Popes, and various courts, they were called upon to give precise, practical advice on births, marriages, deaths, law suits, battles, enmities, and other significant events or trends within the native’s life.  Their position at court (perhaps even their lives) depended on their ability to produce accurate, useful forecasts. The great predictions of astrological lore were produced by such men, and their methods differed greatly from the “right-brain”, psychological approaches favored by many today.  We believe that those who want to study astrology, for any purpose, should only study with someone who understands the old masters and, more importantly, can also make similar style predictions.

As is our general practice in vetting the claims of our authors, we asked Dr. Goulden to give us an example of a difficult prediction he had made in the style that the ancients were capable of producing. Many of his predictions were subject to client confidentiality but, with permission, he provided us with the following testimonial:

“My husband and I were thrilled when we found out we were expecting a baby and of course attended the routine ultrasound appointment at 12 weeks. The ultrasound showed that the baby was developing normally but also that there were some abnormalities with the way I was carrying him. I was advised that I would need to be watched closely by a specialist obstetrician as the pregnancy was “high risk” for very premature labour. I knew I needed to get to 32 weeks for the baby (a boy) to have a really good chance. Anything less than 28 weeks would be very worrying indeed. My original due date had been confirmed as 12 May. In January, Alex had spent a few days performing mathematical calculations based on my natal chart (and my husband’s) and stated that the birth would occur either on 8/9 May or on 18/19 May.  After further calculations, he favoured the latter of these dates. “Not February? or March? or April?”, I asked. Alex simply said that he could see the best dates were those.

After a particular scare in March, the medical team became very concerned that the baby may arrive in days and I was hospitalised and given steroid injections to accelerate the development of his lungs. Fortunately, he stayed where he was. I continued to follow the doctors’ orders to the letter and was surprised and delighted as my original due date started to loom. Having made it to 37 weeks, I breathed a sigh of relief as the obstetrician told us that the baby was considered “full term” and would have as good a chance of being healthy as any other full term baby born. When my 12 May due date came (40 weeks), we all had a good laugh about defying expectations and the obstetrician started to get concerned about my blood sugar. He explained that it was time for the baby to come and scheduled an induction to begin the night of 18 May. My son arrived the evening of 19 May, with an APGAR score of 10, and looking just like the child I’d seen in a dream.” Mrs. L.

In current times, there is a growing interest in planetary effect and celestial prognostication.  Many people think this is the KEY to how W. D. Gann produced his forecasts, and George Bayer explicitly admitted that his methods were based upon this science. However, very few modern researchers have been able to reproduce the results of Gann, Bayer or the famous astrologers of lore. Many traders have studied the various astrological systems developed over the past 130 years, yet few have been able to take that knowledge to a level which allowed them to consistently forecast market turns, trends and prices with a significant level of accuracy. The aim of this course is to get to the bottom of this problem by providing new solutions based upon missing components of the systems mistakenly discarded since ancient times.

Although evidence of Dr Goulden’s trading record has already been presented on our website in relation to his first course, Behind the Veil, we asked if he could provide us with some further verification of the forecasting and trading potentials of advanced astrology and its applicability for making money in the markets.  Initially, he presented us with a series of time stamped emails of accurate forecasts of Crude Oil swings which he had sent to private clients during the year.  In truth, much of his time and research focus is directed towards applications of esoteric science unrelated to financial markets, but in response to our persistent queries (which in his view, showed our failure to understand the true potential of this material!) he suggested, just before we were ready to publish his course, a simple but compelling experiment. His idea was to demonstrate in real time (and with little planning or preparation) how someone with a sound grasp of the Chronocrators could multiply a trading account even with very modest trading.

Recognizing that many clients of the Sacred Science Institute will not have a large amount of capital, or perhaps the confidence to risk large amounts in their trading, he felt it would be instructive to offer an example of what can be done with a SMALL amount of money. Accordingly, he deposited $900 in a spread-betting account that he occasionally uses when testing new theories, and then proceeded to multiply the account in a specific way. He only used the astrological techniques presented in this course. Whilst they would have been very useful, he refrained from using any of the techniques presented in Behind the Veil. Due to heavy business commitments and travel, he was unable to study the markets with any great care or watch them during trading hours. But he managed this live account as follows:

1.     A long trade in Crude Oil (March contract) was initiated on 9 January – the EXACT date of a pivot low.

2.     The position was added to on 10 January.

3.     He did NOT MOVE THE STOP – at all. Not even to the break even position. Of course, we do not advise any trader to trade in this manner. Dr Goulden did this in order to prove a point – he took one of the most notoriously volatile and vicious markets and made no attempt to protect his position – no trailing the stop, no “locking in profits”. Why? Because he was not trading a probabilistic pivot point. He knew in advance the trend of the market.

4.     He exited the position on 22 January – closing out just 14 cents off the high of the day, anticipating a period of whipsaw/sideways price action (which indeed commenced from 23 January, even though higher prices were achieved on some days).

5.     In less than 2 weeks and with very little trading activity, the account stood at just over $3,500. In percentage terms, the account had grown by just under 400% in this time. Bloomberg reports that, in 2013, hedge funds returned an average of 7.4%. The winner of the 2013 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading achieved a return of 160%. At the time of writing, the current leader of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading is showing a net return of 21.9%.

Dr. Goulden has provided us with the trading statements that verify these dates, prices and profits, and we also have the initial email that he sent us on the trade entry date calling it as the low and giving us his projected exit on 20-23 January. We would be happy to provide this verification to anyone who requests it.  We often explain to our clients that if a course is capable of producing just ONE good trade that a trader might otherwise have missed, it is enough to pay for the cost of the course.  As we explained in the biographical material which accompanied his first book, Dr Goulden is essentially uninterested in money or the markets. He views the latter as a useful laboratory in which to study the validity and applications of esoteric science. Whilst we understand that Dr Goulden would rather pursue alternative, “pure” lines of research, we feel that this brief trading experiment makes clear the value of financial astrology to those whose passion and focus is directed towards the markets and the money which can be extracted from them.


The most complex techniques of mathematical astrology are not covered in this course. Dr. Goulden intended to write a course suitable for the intermediate financial astrologer (although many readers may consider the course to be advanced) and felt that a full presentation of mathematical methods would confuse all but the most accomplished astrologers and those with a mental facility for spherical trigonometry. (He does, in fact, present some of the trigonometric principles for advanced readers, but has confined these to the footnotes so as not to overwhelm those with less experience.) But the main problem encountered by the financial astrologer is how to interpret the maze of conflicting signals produced by simultaneous transits, progressions and directions.  This course answers that question, revealing clearly how to know when a transit, progression or direction will have a significant effect and when it won’t!

Much astrological research is circular, as a result of there being multiple unknown variables. The advantage of studying financial markets is that the timing and nature of price action is certain, and if one can obtain appropriate data for stocks, the natal time is also certain. By reference to definitive natal charts, this course shows which techniques actually work and how they work. Once you know what should happen astrologically moving forward in time, you can then approach with a solid foundation the puzzle of rectification.

After studying this course, astrologers will have a methodology by which to rectify a market’s natal time, so as to calibrate it against a powerful astro-harmonic node. This will require experimentation and testing (in order to determine which node is most accurate), but readers are given both the tools to find the nodes and, once they have understood the earlier chapters, a knowledge of the “planetary pictures” which should be present when a market is trending or forming a pivot, so as to indicate whether the selected node is correct. From there, they will be able to plot in advance the astrological factors which, at a given point in time, determine the tendency of the market. And this is where the money is to be made! The acute researcher will also discover critical insights for the determination of price levels at which trend will meet resistance or exhaust and reverse.

Many courses have made great promises about forecasting turning points in various timeframes, only to disappoint the reader. Why is this? Because the markets are often not reducible to simplistic rules and mechanical techniques. They require a fluid understanding of the dynamic factors and the mechanisms which produce the composite waves of trend. This course provides a proper foundation for such an analysis. It is meant for people who already have some familiarity with financial astrology and have tried to use some form of natal chart and related transits, progressions, and directions to predict markets. For people who have used Sepharial’s Arcana and other astro-economic methods which examine transits against some kind of natal chart, this text will provide a quantum leap forward in their understanding and ability.

Very few trading courses offer any real insight into the mechanics of trend. Beguiled by the legend of Gann, they focus on ever more precise pivot predictions. But it is confidence in trend which opens the door to real profits. In this course, Dr. Goulden examines powerful trending runs in 3 different stocks to demonstrate what has made them go up or down as hard as they did.  A trader need only identify a few such runs per year in order to make large profits with very little trading activity.

This course is for those who are familiar with astrology and use it for their trading, but who encounter specific difficult problems – above all, those of conflicting signals and not being sure which type of techniques should have an effect at particular points in time.  This is where the Chronocrators are essential.  Without an understanding of Chronocrators, astrologers are missing a critical layer of information which regulates the nature and effect of celestial influences.

This is a sophisticated text which requires of the reader studious application and rigorous testing.  It will not provide a quick fix, but it will show the dedicated student how proper astrology works – for everything! Whilst it is not written for the average trading mentality, it is an important and revealing text. And it approaches the limit of what Dr. Goulden is willing to teach.

There are many traders who try to use a bit of astrology. Their aim is to make money and they read a few courses (without great passion) in order to derive a quick technique or two. They are not master astrologers and don’t really have any interest in being one. This course is written by someone who is. For those who want to disentangle astrological signals, this is the way to do it. The methodology revealed is not found in any other course.

It should be understood that whilst Dr. Goulden has been able to compress into a succinct volume what took him thousands of hours of study and research to uncover and understand, the reader should not expect to absorb immediately the depth and implications of the information presented.  It may take several readings and much study, testing and thought to fully appreciate its contents.  But for the dedicated researcher, the insight provided through the proper study of this one course will reward him more than the study of all prior works on financial astrology combined, since the specific modifications to the Chronocrator systems contained herein have never before been presented in any other work on the subject.

In summary, for those who are seeking some 5 minute trick that they can run off and trade with immediately, this course is not for you. If you want an astrology primer or a hand-holding manual for novices with quick answers, you will be disappointed.  However, for novices who do want to engage in a serious study of astrology, Dr. Goulden has created a Prerequisite Reading List, which will provide anyone with the necessary foundations required to take on the study presented in this course.

For those who have a real and sincere interest in heavyweight astrology and market science this course will teach important principles which will greatly assist in trading the markets.  Indeed, if you are willing to study and practice seriously, then this course contains the heaviest and deepest astrological material available, the science by which to forecast not only markets, but any forecastable event.  For those willing to commit the effort required, the reward is available here for the gaining…



§  The Septenary division of significators of the natal chart.

§  The relationship between the lunar cycle, the moment of birth and the timing of major events in the native’s life.

§  The chart of the pre-natal Syzygy and how to use it.

§  The nature of the biquintile aspect.

§  The significance of the rotary interaction between the Moon, the North Node and the lunar counterparts by progression and direction.

§  The metaphysics of the Part of Fortune and other Arabic Parts.

§  An Arabic Part of great power and utility which is little known and little used today.

§  Secrets concerning the rotary coordinates of price.

§ Ancient Chronocrator systems, revised and modified in light of extensive research and computer testing, revealing the inner and outer holograms of trend.

§  Yearly, monthly and daily time lords (Chronocrators).

§  The astrological dynamics of trend in light of the Chronocrators.

§  The convergence of Chronocrators as a signal for culmination of trend.

§  Time keys and simplified directions.

§  The science of rectification – based on ancient techniques, but revised and modified (including a detailed example rectification of the S&P500)



“This course is written for financial astrologers, for people who have at least an intermediate knowledge of astrology and who have experience with erecting charts of exchanges or market origins for the purposes of market prediction. For those who have studied transits, progressions and directions, for those who have struggled to decipher conflicting astrological signals, for those who have struggled to rectify natal charts or puzzled over the astrological mechanisms of price, there are presented many gifts – the fruit of thousands of hours of my study, research and testing. I have not presented a specific trading methodology, nor have I presented simplistic mechanical techniques, a quick fix by which to gain immediate riches. I have presented important principles of astrological science which underpin all aspects of market behaviour – price, time and trend. It may take many readings and much private testing to understand and absorb this material. But the effort will yield rich rewards.

I do not teach the basic principles of astrology or the basic application of astrology to the markets, nor will I do so on the forum. Thus, for students who have no experience with astrology, whether classical or financial, you are unlikely to gain benefit. Those who would like to build up their knowledge in this field are advised to read the books listed below and then begin to back-test market trends and pivots in order to gain a feel for the potentials of astrological forecasting. When you are ready to take your studies further and deepen your understanding of this ancient science, then you may turn to The Secrets of the Chronocrators.”




                    Included for purchasers of this course is an Online Discussion Forum, where Dr. Goulden will answer questions from students and provide further educational guidance and ideas.  However, he has emphasized that this will NOT be a place where he will be teaching introductory astrological principles or addressing questions by beginners who have not yet developed a foundational understanding of the subject.  For people looking to acquire that introductory education, there is a reading list he has provided to teach beginners the prerequisites for this course.  The Online Forum will be limited to intermediate/advanced level questions and discussions of ideas and techniques presented in the course.  Again for those requiring an introduction to the subject in preparation for studying this course, we refer you to the following Prerequisite Reading List.




pRICE $ 3,600.00
This course requires the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
click here to order secrets of the chronocrators





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