10 MidWeek AM Reads

My reads, your eyeballs:

• Dow Theory: Buy Signal Within Sight (MoneyBeat)
• Still Believe in Efficient Markets? Explain This… (Pension Partners) see also Why Indexes are Capitalization-Weighted (Aleph Blog)
• Canada: The Next Oil Superpower? (National Interest)
• Is Famed Fiduciary Advocate Ron Rhoades Ready to Concede Defeat? (Fiduciary News)
• The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest (NY Times)
• The Ways Food Tricks Our Brains (The Atlantic)
• Taxpayers Hit Twice by Fast-Food Pay Practices (Fiscal Times)
• What you’d need to make in every county in America to afford a decent one-bedroom (WonkBlog)
• Why Are Conservatives Obsessed with Reagan? He Coincided with Ideological Party Takeover Like No Democratic President Did (Mischiefs of Faction)
• Apple engineer recalls the iPhone’s birth (WSJ) see also The iPad Is a Tease (Monday Note)

What are you reading?

Large Caps Are Cheaper Than Small and Mid Caps

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