10 Sunday AM Reads

Kick up your feet and enjoy these Sunday reads:

• Why economists should try to measure happiness (The Week)
• Upside: Are Small-Cap Stocks Overpriced? (WSJ) see also March Was Stormy Month for Hedge Funds (WSJ)
• The age of asset management (FT Alphaville)
• Choosing Bonds Over Gold (WSJ)
• It IS about the risk premium! (Humble Student of the Markets) see also How Not to Do It (Above the Market)
• Who’s Inheriting Your 401(k)? (WSJ)
• The Daily Routines of Geniuses (Harvard Business Review)
• The Affordable Care Act’s Remarkable 4 Near-Death Experiences (Johnathon M Ladd) see also Now-Discredited Examples of Obamacare Doomsaying (New Republic)
• Brooklyn’s Hipster Economy Challenges Manhattan Supremacy (Bloomberg)
• On The 20th Anniversary – An Oral History of Netscape’s Founding (Internet History Podcast)

What’s for brunch?


Investors Clamor For Risky Debt Offerings

Source: WSJ


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