10 Tuesday AM Reads

You have to read something. You should read these things:

• Bull vs. Bear debate: Is pullback over? (USA Today)
• Busting The Stock Picker’s Market Myth (Rick Ferri) see also Longer term, the case for small caps. (WSJ)
• 9.1 Million U.S. Homes Still ‘Underwater’, Down 26 Percent (World Property Channel)
• The Potential Bubble the Federal Reserve Cares Most About (FiveThirtyEight)
• Here’s The Only Way To Get Really, Really Rich (Business Insider) see also Does inflation make you poorer? (Noahpinion)
• Is the U.S. losing the tech race? (LA Times)
• The new study about oligarchy that’s blowing up the Internet, explained (Vox)
• America’s Less Religious: Study Puts Some Blame On The Internet (NPR) but see Big Bang a big question for most Americans (AP)
• Hey pot smokers, check out these 24 mind-blowing facts about weed production (Mother Jones)
• The iPad Is a Tease (Monday Note) see also Beats Bites the Bullet, and Starts Selling Subscriptions From Apple’s App (Re/Code)

What are you reading?


U.S. Corporate Bond Issuance

Source: FiveThirtyEight



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