10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading

• If Capital Grows This Fast, How Come Fortunes Disappear? (Bloomberg)
• Beware Of The Walking Dead In Your Portfolio (Forbes)
• Mortgage lenders ease rules for home buyers in hunt for business (WSJ)
• Average credit card interest up to shocking 21% (NY Post)
• Your Environment Matters If You Want To Make Better Decisions (Farnam Street)
• Will Sales Taxes Doom Amazon? (Bloomberg View)
• We actually get nicer as we get older—and it’s possible to speed change along (WSJ) see also Why do some politicians cross party lines more? They’re nicer (Vox)
• For legal pot sellers, finding a bank is still a pipe dream. (WSJ) see also A Day in the Life of Your Friendly Neighborhood Weed Messenger (Runnin’ Scared)
• How Americans Hate Each Other (Priceonomics)
• Viral ad encourages Danes to have sex on vacation (Daily Dot)

What are you reading?



Mortgage Lenders Ease Rules For Home Buyers in Hunt For Business

Source: WSJ


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