Tax Day Charts: Federal Revenues and Spending

Since its Tax Day, I thought we might take a look at where your tax dollars go and where they come from.

The first chart is Federal Revenues — what the sources of cash are from all sources. As you can see, the biggest revenue line is individual income taxes, accounting for 46% of revenues. Payroll taxes, split between the employer and employee, account for another 31.7%. Corporate taxes are a mere 13.5%, with assorted customs, duties and excise tax making up the last few percent.


Federal Revenues


What we spend those trillions on can be seen in the second chart:  33.6% goes to social security and Unemployment benefits; Medicare and health related spending captures another 26.6%. Next up, Military including Veterans benefits captures a huge 20.4% of the budget.

The last 2o% or so goes to lots of smaller departments: Interest on Debt grabs 6.3%, then Food & Agriculture take 3.3%, Transportation (2.6%), Housing (2.6%), Education (2.0%), Energy (1.1%) and Science (0.7%.)


Federal Spending

Source: National Priorities

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