10 Thursday PM Reads

Unwind with some afternoon reads:

• The Retirement Apocalypse That Isn’t Coming (Bloomberg)
• 8 Fat Swine for a Tulip: A Brief History of Bursts (NY Times)
• ‘Indie’ Brokers Walk the Walk (WSJ)
• How Big is the Global Stock Market? (Reformed Broker)
• Managing Your Advisory Practice By How Much You’re Paid For Your Time (Kitces)
• Wall Street Finds New Subprime With 125% Business Loans (Bloomberg)
• Some of You Must Fail (Motley Fool)
• After two years of solid urban growth, more Americans are moving again to the suburbs and beyond. (WSJ) see also Rent or Buy? The Math Is Changing (The Upshot)
• Put a fork in Chris Christie: He will never, ever be president after this bad month (Salon)
• Climate science is a hoax: Big Oil, GOP, God say so (MarketWatch) see also On Climate Change, Big Oil vs…. The Insurance Industry? (Bill Moyers)

What are you reading?


Signs of a Suburban Comeback

Source: WSJ

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