10 Tuesday AM Reads

Some morning reads to start your day:

• The Many Ways to Tap the Water Boom (Barron’s)
• Notes from the Ira Sohn Conference, 2014 (Reformed Broker) see also Hedge Fund Moguls’ Pay Has the 1% Looking Up (DealBook)
• The Lehman Brothers Ethos Fades at Barclays (MoneyBeat)
• Financial advisers: Should you hire one, or manage your money by yourself? (WSJ) see also 5 rookie investing mistakes to avoid (USA Today)
Too Big To Audit? Large Partnerships Escape IRS Scrutiny, GAO Reports (CNS News)
• Gary Becker and the Economics Revolution That Wasn’t (New Yorker)
• Thomas Piketty Interview: I Don’t Care for Marx (New Republic) see also Americans not sold on Piketty’s big idea…yet (Washington Post)
• How long can Russia’s oil and gas wealth last? (CS Monitor)
• Indictment Details How to Forge a Masterpiece (NY Times)
• Apple Retail and the Innovator’s Dilemma (stratechery)

What are you reading?



Hedge Fund Moguls’ Pay Has the 1% Looking Up

Source: DealBook



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