10 Sunday Reads

Celebrate Sunday morning with some coffee and these expertly curated reads:

• The Low-Cost Fund Arms Race (Morningstar)
• Brokers Fight Rule to Favor Best Interests of Customers (NY Times)
• China No-Money-Down Housing Echoes U.S. Subprime Loan Risks (Bloomberg)
• Think like a statistician – without the math (Flowing Data) but see Nudge economics: has push come to shove for a fashionable theory? (The Guardian)
• What if Quality Journalism Isn’t? (Baekdal)
• Here’s Why the Student Loan Market Is Completely Insane (Businessweek)
• How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony (stratechery) see also Silicon Valley Tries to Remake the Idea Machine (NY Times)
• David Brat, the libertarian who beat Eric Cantor, doesn’t believe in the “common” good (MoJo)
• Cool Kids Lose, Though It May Take A Few Years (NPR)
• How Michael Jordan Made $90 Million In 2013 (Forbes)

Time to hit the waves.

Stock Trade Winds Don’t Blow Wall Street’s Way

Source: WSJ

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