What Are The Cult Firms of Today?



The other day, I got into a Twitter discussion with Joe Weisenthal and others on the hedge fund Bridgewater. A WSJ article had described Ray Dalio’s shop as “Cult-like.”

All of which raised the following question: What are the Cult firms of today? What modern day companies, public or otherwise, have qualities similar to cults?

Here is the short list put together on Twitter:

Goldman Sachs

Whole Foods


Five Thirty Eight


Microsoft (in the 80s & 1990s);

Apple (in the 1990s and today)


Wal-Mart (cause of that cheer thing at corp meetings )

Ross Perot with EDS!


Facebook’s (See Zuckerberg’s letter in the S-1)

Berkshire Hathaway

That list is far from complete. Some of these firms have cult-like characteristics amongst their customers but not their own corporate culture.

Which raises the question: What are the cult stocks of today? What companies are managed and run with a specific and unique culture that makes them see cultish?

What say ye?

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