10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning readings:

• An Investing Primer For Millennials (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)
• The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less (NY Times) see also Why voters aren’t angrier about economic inequality (NY Times)
Miller: Homebuying Gets a Housecleaning (BV)
• Wealthfront Tax Loss Harvesting  – How NOT to Calculate Tax Alpha (Kitces) see also Understanding the philosophy behind your investment portfolio (NYT)
• Record Student-Loan Debt Prompts Treasury Push to Stem Defaults (Bloomberg)
• The SEC should shine a light on dark political donations from corporations (The Week)
• Bloomberg struggles to break out of the box (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (FT)
• Facebook is no longer a social network.  It’s the world’s most powerful news reader. (Pando Daily)
• Near Miss: The Solar Superstorm of July 2012 (NASA)

What’s for brunch ?




Secret Political Spending at Record Highs

Source: The Week


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