10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Investors Pay for Hedge-Fund Illusions (Bloomberg)
• Most Heavily Shorted Stocks Outperform (Bespoke Investment Group)
• AQR’s Cliff Asness on the Mostly-But-Not-Always Efficient Market (Barron’s)
• 6 steps to dumping a bad mutual fund (Marketwatch) see also Contradictions (Al Hambra Partners)
• O’Shaugnessy: What I’ve Learned in 30 years of Investing: Part 2 (Yahoo Finance)
• Policy Based Evidence Making (Mainly Macro)
• Sugar: the evolution of a forbidden fruit (Globe and Mailsee also The world’s 10 most dangerous foods people actually eat (Salon)
• States Are Turning Down an Insane Amount of Free Money by Refusing to Expand Medicaid (Slate)
• Doing Math Like a Girl (Kottke)

What are you reading?

S&P 400 Just Broke the Support of its Five-Year Trend

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