ISIS Thanks John McCain for Making their Rise to Power Possible

ISIS Terrorists Credit the Iraq War for Their Success


We’ve noted for months that the ISIS terrorists wouldn’t have been able to take over Iraq if we hadn’t launched the idiotic Iraq war and “regime changed” the country.

But don’t take our word for it … the ISIS barbarians just agreed.

Breitbart reports:

The Islamic terrorist group known as the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) … just released an online magazine called “Dabiq” for its English readership for Ramadan. In the magazine … ISIS goes after only one American politician—Senator John McCain (R-AZ), for a June 12 floor speech of he delivered about ISIS:

“…the crusader John McCain came to the Senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice.”

Walid Shoebat – the self-described former Islamic terrorist who converted to Christianity – says:

It is true, the war in Iraq that was started by Bush led to the enabling ISIS to commit the massacres and violence it is doing now. ISIS knows that Saddam would have not tolerated them ….

All I can say is, I miss Saddam.

And Chris Maume writes at the Independent, “It was better to live in Iraq under Saddam.”

Postscript:  We’ve made every single country we’ve regime changed worse.

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