10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning! Pour yourself a stiff cup of Joe, and get for our long form weekend reads:

• Opposable thumbs, upright posture, big brains, sophisticated language: What most effectively sets humans apart from other species? Our addiction to stories (Edge)
• .@HiddenCash Revealed: Making Generosity Go Viral  (TechCrunch)
• SCOTUS: The Anti-Court Court (New York Review of Books)
• What Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming? (NY Times)
• We All Got Trolled (Medium)
• Windhorst: LeBron’s mighty memory (ESPN) see also Playground basketball is dying (ESPN)
• The Miraculous Face Transplant of Richard Norris (GQ)
• Washington’s Economic Boom, Financed by You (NY Times)
• This is a spider’s brain on drugs (Priceonomics)
• Our 25 Favorite Unlocked New Yorker Articles (Longform)

What’s up for the weekend?


With Jobs, It’s the Taking Part That Counts  
Source: (WSJ)


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